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The German-Nordic Youth Philharmonic would not be able to exist without the active support of voluntary helpers. Since 1988 the orchestra has been backed by a non-profit association consisting of friends and supporters of the orchestra. The German-Nordic Youth Philharmonic depends on the active cooperation of the volunteers as well as on the financial support in the form of donations or sponsorships.

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The easiest way to donate is by using the following form, provided by our partner This organisation helps us to keep your donation transparent and safe.



Our bank account:

You may also use our bank account to transfer your donation:

Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie e.V. Berlin
Bank name: Landesbank Berlin (LBB)
IBAN: DE74100500000190119110

You can also support us by SPONSORING one or more young musicians. Most of the members of the orchestra are students and for many of them it is difficult to pay for the tickets to and from Berlin as well as the fee for the course. Without these brilliant young musicians from all over the world we wouldn’t be able to perform for you every year with a brilliant and full-sized orchestra. To make sure that we can carry on doing so, offer to contribute! We will give 100% of your donation to a student in need of help, thus making it easier for them to participate.

From a practical point of view, if you want to help send us 150 euro per student (see bank details below). Please don’t forget to specify ‘Donation’ in the reason for payment as well as including your name and address in the payment description. By doing so you will be able to claim the donation as tax exempt. To thank you for your kindness we will send you two tickets for the concert that will take place in the Philharmonie at the end of the course.

Bank details

Account holder: Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie e.V. Berlin
Bank: Landesbank Berlin (LBB)


IBAN: DE74100500000190119110

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